Days of Creation

Choose-N-Cut Christmas Trees

Days of Creation is a family-owned and operated choose and cut Christmas tree farm in Jesup, Georgia. We are dedicated to helping your family make memories of your own every year. 

We're in the family business; come make a memory!

Q: I've never been to a Christmas tree farm. Can you tell me what to expect?

Absolutely.  You can expect to have a wonderful time at Days of Creation.  Our family is available to guide you as you go.

Our farm is neat and clean and, in the words of many of our guests, "very beautiful. " The trees are planted in rows and the field is fairly flat, so walking is easy. 

When you arrive at Days of Creation, you will park near the old tobacco barn.  From there, you can take the short walk to the field, or, on Saturdays, you can ride the hayride, if weather permits. 

We provide saws and gloves for your use in cutting your tree.  Each tree is tagged with its height and price.  If you need help, or have questions, we will have workers stationed near the Christmas tree field.  More than likely, those workers will be one of our six children.

After you've cut your tree, you can take it to one of the designated pick-up stations and we'll take it to the barn for you.  However, you may want to carry it to the barn yourself.  Our kids -even when they were very small- always wanted to help carry the tree. 

Our motto is "We're in the family business; Come make a memory!"  Enjoy your time at Days of Creation.

Q: What varieties of trees do you have?

We grow a total of eight varieties of trees. Five of them are types of Leyland Cypress (Leighton Green, Murray X, Naylor Blue, and Castle Wellan Gold). We also have Eastern Red Cedar, Clemson Green-Spire, Carolina Sapphire, and Blue Ice. Pictures and descriptions of each variety can be found on our Tree Varieties page. And for the 2016 season we will have some Fraser Fir trees available at our farm!

Q: Do you have large trees?

Yes, many of our Leighton Green and Murray X Leyland Cypress, as well as some Red Cedars, are above ten feet tall. Our tallest trees are about 15 feet.

Q: Do you have Christmas wreaths? If so, how much are they?

Yes, we hand-make wreaths from fresh-cut material off of our trees. Prices start at $15 for a 12" non-decorated wreath. Larger sizes are also available. Please call 912-256-1167 and ask for Sheryl to get more details. Also, call us to place wreath orders in advance if you'd like to have them ready when you arrive.  Otherwise, you can watch us make your wreath.

Q: Are your trees pre-cut?

No. Our trees are standing in the field until you are ready for it. They are fresher that way. We do provide hand saws and gloves to cut down the trees, and we can help you out if you're having trouble.

Q: Do you have any Fraser firs or spruce trees?

This year we do! For the 2016 Christmas season we ARE offering some Fraser Fir trees. They will be pre-cut and standing in water in order to remain fresh for you, since those varieties can't be grown this far south. We are expecting them to be available the week of Thanksgiving! We hope to see you this season. 

Q: How do I get to your farm?

Our farm is easy to find. We are located on US Hwy 84 about 2 miles from the Jesup city limits (2.75 miles from Burger King). Our address is 3997 Waycross Highway, Jesup, GA. Check our Directions page for more information.

Q: How long will the trees last after being cut?

Many factors can affect how long a tree lasts, including the variety of tree and where it's placed. Keeping the tree watered is the most critical factor.

Q: Do you sell other Christmas items?

In addition to Christmas trees, we sell fresh wreaths, Christmas tree stands, watering funnels, and tree disposal bags.In 2015 we added homemade jellies and syrups, honey, and limited extra ornaments. For 2016 we plan to have all of the above, and we're adding some hand-carved wooden toys. 

Q: Do you sell food?

No, we don't sell food. However, you are welcome to bring your own food and use our picnic tables.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you may bring your dog, if you keep the dog on a leash and clean up behind it.