Days of Creation

Choose-N-Cut Christmas Trees

Days of Creation is a family-owned and operated choose and cut Christmas tree farm in Jesup, Georgia. We are dedicated to helping your family make memories of your own every year. 

We're in the family business; come make a memory!

A little about us...The Herrin Family

I thought I’d start this blog about things happening here at Days of Creation Christmas Tree Farm.  I think I’ll start off by telling you a bit about us.  

Sheryl and I have been long-married.  We were high school friends whose friendship worked into romance. Basically, she chased me until she caught me. She’ll not deny that at all.  However, there has been some debate in her family and mine as to how hard I was running to avoid being caught.  

We married while still in college.  That slowed down our educations, being that we were on the pay-as-you-go plan.  I’ve said that I crammed a four-year college education into seven years.   But, we both got degrees – mine in engineering and hers in dietetics.  Then, we had six kids and started a Christmas tree farm.   

Now, let me mention the most important part that shapes our core values.  It’s well said in a song by the NewsBoys:


We believe in God the Father!
We believe in Jesus Christ!
We believe in the Holy Spirit!
And He's given us new life!

We believe in the crucifixion!
We believe that He conquered death!
We believe in the resurrection!
And He's comin' back again!” 

I think that’s enough for now.  Check back periodically for more blog entries.